Flex Lebanon Bootcamp focus is on what our bodies and mind can do.  Not what they look like.  FLEX stands for “fit ladies excel”. We want to promote a group of women who celebrate the power from within, believing that internal strength will translate to the outside. We don’t promote any quick fixes to your goals.  Rather, its a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise and mental strength. Until June 3rd FLB will be on Saturday’s at 0730 at MSC.  Starting June 3rd we will be meeting at local parks weather permitting on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 730am.  We would like to use nature as our gym but if the weather turns against us we will meet at MSC! Additionally, we have a dietitian on board with our group for any interest you may have. Kate Grise is a crossfit level 1 coach and also a registered dietitian who can also help meet your goals. Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, or somewhere in between, you have found the right place to achieve your goals.